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San Diego Solar Local

Avoid Large National Solar companies.

They subcontract your project to someone else.

San Diego Solar Local

San Diego Solar supports your local community.

We help via fundraisers and charitable events.

San Diego Solar Inc BBB Business Review
Before going with San Diego Solar, I received quotes from others, including people I knew in the industry. Dirk gave me the best price. But price was just the beginning. He determined exactly how many panels were best for my install by studying past electric bills. He and his crew did a fantastic job timely installing and explaining the system to me. Dirk helped with the rebates and always took time to answer all my questions (and I had a lot). In my experience, Dirk is not only an expert in the field he is also an honest businessman that is great to work with. Thanks to San Diego Solar, I either have no electric bill (summer months) or a very small electric bill. Dirk and his team were great! I have told all my colleagues about him.
- Paula A.

Going Big often means going it alone for your warranty.

The big out of town companies come in with big sales goals and lots of install crews. Also big overhead. When the sales go down they disappear, going belly up before the warranty costs start rising.

The big problems arise because those multiple numbers of crews often only have minimal roofing flashing training for some of the guys. The big companies actually have leak teams that have to run around when it rains fixing leaks. We know because they headhunt and steal our guys for the leak teams.

We sleep well when it rains because we have a small number of crews and every guy is trained properly to journeyman levels.

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Distributed solar saved California over $650 million from 2013-2015

A new study finds that from 2013 through 2015, distributed PV reduced peak solar hour mean wholesale electricity prices by 8–9%, avoiding costs of $650–730 million.

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Residential energy storage deployments hit a record in the first quarter of 2018, according to the latest U.S. Energy Storage Monitor report from GTM Research and the Energy Storage Association.

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Dirk and his company exceeded all of my expectations. The price was phenomenal, the installation was flawless, and the system operates better that expected. We used to pay between $200-$300 per month on electricity. Our bill is now anywhere from $0-$10. Thanks San Diego Solar.
- Paula A.